Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Amsterdam (Amsterdam) is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Netherlands's largest city and second largest port, a population of about 710,000. The early Middle Ages was a fishing village here, the city built before 1926. The beginning of the 19th century became the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The 16th century, the Netherlands a long time before the feudal state torn apart. The beginning of the 16th century by the Spanish rule, before that, no unified history. Bourgeois revolution took place in 1566. Broke out in 1568 renewal of the 80-year war against Spanish rule. Announced the 1581 independence from Spain. The beginning of the 17th century as a colonial power at sea. The French army invaded in 1795. Napoleon failed, the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815. Remain neutral in the First World War. Although the beginning of the Second World War, a declaration of neutrality, it is still sudden invasion by the German army. To participate in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949. Joined the European Community in 1958.

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