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City Overview amsterdam

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Hoseo Overijssel is located in the south bank of Amsterdam, Amstel River from flowing through the city, so that the city becomes the European melting pot of inland water transport.
Amsterdam is a strange city. The city more than 160 large and small waterways, from more than 1,000 bridges connected. Roaming the city, bridges staggered, vertical and horizontal canals. Bird's-eye view from the air, shimmering like satin, like spider web. The city lying below sea level 1-5 m, is called "North Venice." As a result of a small but densely populated, the river park has nearly 20,000 "houseboat." The past, almost all city buildings and asphalt coating of the wood hit the base, to prevent subsidence. The foundations of the palace used wood 13659.
"Dan" in Dutch is the meaning of the dam. The dam is built to enable the Dutch 700 years ago, a fishing village to become an international metropolis today. End of the 16th century, Amsterdam has become an important port and trade city, and in the 17th century became the world's financial, trade and cultural center. In 1806, the capital of the Netherlands will move to Amsterdam, but the royal family, the Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, the central ministries and diplomatic missions remain in The Hague.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands's largest industrial city and economic center, with more than 7700 industrial enterprises, industrial diamonds of the world's total output accounted for 80%. In addition, Amsterdam has the world's oldest stock exchange.
Amsterdam is the Netherlands second-largest container port. The full realization of the modernization of the port. Hong Kong is well developed both inside and outside transport.
Flowers is an important export commodity Netherlands. Located in the southern suburbs of Amsterdam Asmer West Flower Market is the world's largest flower market, flowers are sold in more than 100 countries.
Amsterdam Habitat water, water into the city, the people of water-dependent, King from heaven. Amsterdam's unique landscape so very well-developed tourism industry.
Amsterdam is the European city of culture and arts. There are 40 museums throughout the city. National Museum collection there are more than 100 million pieces of art, including the world famous Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer masters Seoul. City Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum collection of 17th century in the Netherlands is famous for works of art, Van Gogh died two days before the completion of the "crow's wheat" and "eat potato farmer" on display here.
In 1994, became sister cities of Amsterdam and Beijing. Amsterdam, the golden age of many of the original reservation, almost a living museum. Interwoven beautiful canal "water" scenery, numerous museums include the Netherlands, all well-known artist's works. Classical music hall - music hall performances are not to be missed.
Amsterdam looks very old and smell. All three-and four-storey building was a small blue, green and carefully decorated with red, cute as a general holiday. These toys doors of buildings in general, are so small, only allow a person may enter. There is a strange place the ancient laws, the greater the door to pay more tax, but people had no choice but to do so the door as far as possible, but doing a lot of windows, furniture from what was being lifted out of the window. All the small buildings at the top, there are a number of iron sticking out of the son, lifting a fixed rope used items.
Crowded waterways of the streets will be one of these lovely piece of land separated, flocks of sea gulls in the water and the floor, dancing room, bullying, feeding the ducks in the water, north of Venice仿若.

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