Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fuji plans to build a mountain railway

1:04 AM

Mount Fuji is Japan's first mountain, 3776 meters above sea level, but also because of the beautiful mountain, so in the eyes of the Japanese is a "Holy Mountain." Mount Fuji is divided into 9 eyes, halfway up the mountain for the 5-head. From the head down the mountain to have a 5-connected winding road. Most visitors to sit halfway up the mountain or driving coach, very few regular bus. Thus, tourists in general it is very difficult to board a ride halfway up the mountain. If the winter snow, winding road blockade, the tourists will not be able to mountain climbing. So, in fact, climbing Mount Fuji one year only in April to November. Fuji Five Lakes Tourism Association, Junichiro Horiuchi said: "Fuji is not on the railway, it is really incredible." In November last year, Fuji Five Lakes Tourism Alliance and vice chairman of the meeting held to determine the construction of a railway board plan. According to this plan, take advantage of the present winding road, winding road in the side of the laying of tracks, a total of 30 kilometers, so that not only allows visitors to board the train to sit 5-head, at the same time to connect the train in Tokyo, the tourists directly from Tokyo will be able to sit Direct trains on mountain Mount Fuji. Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" reported that Fuji Five Lakes Tourism Alliance that the scheme has been the Union's Yamanashi Prefecture, some Members of Parliament support. It is estimated that the total construction cost of about 600-800 billion yen

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