Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gladiator will return to Rome Colosseum

1:21 AM

According to foreign media reports, about 2,000 years ago, the last Gladiator Colosseum in Rome debut, full of blood and death by the Roman audience entertainment arena. Local government officials recently announced from the stage of history in nearly 2,000 years after the Gladiator will return to the world's most famous arena. According to the Rome city council person in charge of archaeological乌姆贝托布罗Mercury (Umberto Broccoli) revealed that in 2009 there will be five million tourists came to the Roman Colosseum, with your eyes, ears and nose and feel the charm of ancient Rome.布罗科利in "La Repubblica" in an interview said: "The only historical sites and monuments bear in mind is not enough, we need to allow them to become more attractive. Museums and monuments must be based on a whole new way of exchanges with the public. "

According to the plan布罗科利modern Gladiator will be wearing the original costumes, handheld arena with the same equipment - sword, trident, net and a dagger, it can be said with the image of the year 2000 is no different Gladiator However, their arena is not real, in fact, well-choreographed dance. It is reported that the arena will once again debut at night, enjoy the gladiators in the show at the same time, viewers can also listen to the Seneca and other classic works of the Latin poet. As for the election of Gladiator Theater in the basement and the tunnel above the stage outside the arena or theater performances, have not yet finalized. 布罗科利stressed that the arena is not similar to Disneyland-style tools to attract visitors, but a serious of activities to enable the heroes of ancient rejuvenated, and may take the form of the scenes shown are too rough or even rude, he did not worry. He said: "Gladiator is a broad-brush itself, they covered with sweat, and curse-smelling opponent. Since this on the case, why do not we show them the real side of it?"

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