Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Want to make this winter friends envy you?

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Want to make this winter friends envy you? Tell them you want to go in northern Queensland, and then casually mention the mild climate, swaying palms and the sea water suitable for swimming. To the Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef) snorkeling or diving in the Whitsunday Islands (Whitsundays) sailing voyage, or on foot into the pristine rainforest Dan Tsui (Daintree Rainforest), enjoy the ancient style. Prairie along the road (Savannah Way) driving through the Outback and the lush highlands Atherton (Atherton Tablelands), to the remote grasslands of the Gulf (Gulf Savannah). June to September are the best of this tropical paradise to show the face of the season, temperatures average 25 degrees Celsius, the sea is not green sea ray infestation. From sunny Cairns (Cairns), you can find a series of very popular winter resort. In front is quiet, golden beaches, Sun Mi (Mission Beach) vacation beach house sojourn, the feelings of Port Douglas (Port Douglas) tropical charm without publicity, or in Palm Cove (Palm Cove) indulge in luxury resorts. And, like Cairns, Airlie Beach Paradise Backpackers (Airlie Beach) and suffering Kok (Cape Tribulation) is to explore the northern part of Queensland's most famous attractions - was inscribed on the World Heritage List of the Great Barrier Reef - the best point of departure. In the colorful corals, abdomen scales dot pattern and striped puffer fish next to the groom drag over travel experience will be unforgettable. Cairns to Townsville (Townsville) diving among the many elected a school, day diving course to learn basic skills, or in a week to obtain PADI diving certificate. A submarine to sea travel to or from Sea fishing and the quiet gaze of colorful underwater world. Or take a seaplane from Cairns Helicopter Tours. Over the Green Island (Green Island), Whitsunday Islands and the beautiful heart-shaped reef (Heart Reef), in the midst of uninhabited land on a small sandbar for lunch. Whitsunday Islands sailing tour in the vast majority of 74 between the uninhabited island of tranquility. In Daydream Island (Daydream Island), Hamilton Island (Hamilton Island), Hayman Island (Hayman Island) and Lindeman Island (Lindeman Island) on the leisurely relax in the Village. InIsland (South Molle Island) or Long Island (Long Island) Hiking in the rainforest, in the paradise of white beaches (Whitehaven Beach) on the famous white sands leave your name. To swim across the reef, after a break in the resort, go to the rainforest on foot. In Kuranda (Kuranda) in the jungle-like landscape and colorful butterflies and observe the parrots. Cairns distance here is only one and a half hours by train, along with beautiful scenery. Or drive north to be included in the World Heritage List of Dan Tsui rainforest, which is Australia's largest rain forest, where a wide variety of habitats of animals and plants. Dan Tsui starting from the rain forest can be opened to the plight of four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle Kok, rainbow reef, and lush rain forest in this together. If you want more natural adventure, you can further north to Cape York Peninsula (Cape York Peninsula) can enter the wilderness areas. In the Lakes National Park (Lakefield National Park) and Montenegro National Park (Black Mountain National Park) lush wetlands and forest hiking, bird-watching, looking for a rare local wild animals. Camping or boarding, and then open four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle throughout the day sightseeing, fishing, visits to ancient Aboriginal cultural sites. In the Humid Tropics of Queensland (Wet Tropics) to walk more than 150 selected walking path, exercise. Sun in the density of the bed near the beach, such as Long National Park (Wooroonooran National Park), the walking tour, surrounded by waterfalls and ferns lake swim. Find a national park in Europe this Nanji (Eubenangee National Park) have been recorded in 170 different types of birds. Or along the吉尔巴aboriginal (Jirrbal) and Imam aboriginal (Mamu) walk the traditional path through the mountain mist (Misty Mountains) of the rainforest. After the end of the coastline, then explore the wonders of the inland. Rent a car and switched from Cairns to the Northern Territory has been an extension of the prairie border road (Savannah Way). In Mali (Mareeba) eat good wine. Enjoy the widest waterfall in Australia - Mills Falls Navanethem (Millstream Falls), the world's longest lava System - Volcanoes National Park Utara (Undara Volcanic National Park) of the caves away. Croix has a long history in the Dayton (Croydon) and George Town (Georgetown) gold, in the Normanton (Normanton) around the wetlands to observe crocodiles,波特加姆拉National Park in (Boodjamulla National Park) to find hidden Gorge and Aboriginal rock art. Well, do not give you too many friends to see your holiday photos in order to avoid too much publicity! We all know that they even want to go this winter

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