Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Pirates of the Caribbean paradise Station

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Leisure town, like the United States rural Jamaican Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 on the amazing performance of people remembering the country. Jamaica (Jamaica) is located in the Gulf of Mexico, is the third largest Caribbean island, is the Caribbean's largest English-speaking countries. Its unique cultural blend of color in Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom-style elements to create a warm, friendly and hospitable people. Recommended reading They will last forever This brilliant metal as a "sun汗滴" ... ... cheap airline tickets how far away from the people The story of a train in Russia (Figure) Chinese suspension of the fuel surcharge for domestic flights during the deep cold: Ice Age back to the Korean market on the "Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention" by the airport in Israel's "market check" the first time in the United Kingdom emergence of rare wonders of ice circle of city life while Jamaica is not satisfactory, but village life is still quite leisurely, especially those inaccessible Parish (founded by the British administration, similar to township, county). Remote parish to take some time and money, if you are not a long-term stay in Jamaica, the most convenient location for leisure than Montego Bay, there are international airports, leading to the world, the National Highway is the best situation. It away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, kingston, the other side of the island. Although the distance from Montego Bay airport only a few kilometers from the bus but still no taxi costs about 20 U.S. dollars. Montego Bay, Jamaica may be the largest "city", but more than one million population compared to the capital, where more than less. I went to exactly the day Sunday, they dress very decent people out of church, people feel as if the film came to the village of the United States. These social upper-class clothing and dressed shabbily dressed street hawkers who make a living in sharp contrast, compared to major cities in Asia have not seen such a scene. There is a very well-known beaches Doctors Cave, which served for the Western tourists for centuries, are built around the beach house and only want to pay into the beach. Anything in the Caribbean to talk about money, what will not work do not have the money, what money will do, even to the beach around 5 U.S. dollars needed, that is, 300 million of Jamaica. Security personnel Beach is a 50-year-old elderly people away, when I asked him why he was at the beach to collect the money that he was puzzled and asked, Is not the world's beaches and collect the money it? It seems people are used to the Caribbean this pattern.

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