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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the largest and second largest port city. A population of about 730,000. Here only the early Middle Ages is a fishing village, the city built in 1926. 12-15 century carried out by the East has become an important trade port. The 17th century the Netherlands was once the colonial rule the roost at sea, where the two Dutch colonial Dutch East India Company and a base for Indian companies荷兰西. After the 18th century, economic depression, the development of near-stagnation. The beginning of the 19th century became the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but only the location of the palace, the central government are still based in The Hague, which is the capital of the world, it is unique. Here are the Netherlands, industry, finance, trade, tourism and cultural arts center. Shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics industry is very famous. In addition, processing the world famous diamond, the diamond industry the world's total output accounted for 80%. The forefront of finance and banking position in Europe, Amsterdam Stock Exchange is one of Europe's largest exchanges. The Netherlands, about one-quarter of the land below sea level, Amsterdam is a lying 1-5 m below sea level "Underwater City", the city covered river, the "Northern Venice" of. Before the entire city to the houses are wood-based fighting, urban as in numerous wood frame above.

Tourist attractions:

Amsterdam is Shuicheng enjoy the flavor Shuicheng must take the boat tour of Amsterdam. Canal boat cruise to the one-hour trip during the day is more appropriate. From Amsterdam Central Station before the boat tour of each route every 15-30 minutes intervals. Often can be found on board when you are walking in the streets by the end of the notice that the scenery. Museum, the Museum of boat very easy to use. Tour route in the city's major museums, ready to ship from top to bottom. Strength of their confidence in visitors may wish to try the canal boat tour. Amsterdam night along the canal and bridge lights will be lit, full of romantic atmosphere.

Around the canals of Amsterdam is surrounded by small boats may wish to rent boats or take boat trips to visit a back. If you would like flavor, can also be dam Amsterdam Avenue as a center starting point, one by one along the dam road to visit the Imperial Palace, the new church, national monuments, and Ms. Du Sha Wax. You can also choose Prins Hendrikkade in the streets of "Tower of Tears" as the beginning of old city tour, follow the river according to sequential阿姆斯格林visit museums, old churches. The old church as the center to the north-south extension of the famous strip is the "red-light district", when华灯初上, is full of red-light district in an endless stream of people, the more the more crazy night.

Of course, you can not miss "and the master of an inter-temporal and spatial dialogue" the opportunity to Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Hals across the barriers of time and space to journey times of Fine Arts. Amsterdam Art Gallery and Museum has more than 60 blocks. More representative of which are concentrated in the Museum Plaza. Including the collection of Rembrandt's "夜警" and Vermeer and other painters of the 17th century works Netherlands National Museum, as well as works of Van Gogh collection in the world of National Van Gogh Museum, as well as collection of Gauguin, BI Picasso and other works of the impressionist painter of the City Museum. In addition, the Museum Plaza, not to be missed is the enjoyment of classical music hall known as the National Concert Hall. Amsterdam, here is the base of the State Philharmonic Orchestra, completed in 1888. The golden harp to the roof of the white building as a marker. Its excellent acoustics, ranked third in the world. Fares are very low, anyone can easily get to enjoy classical music. Every Wednesday at noon to enjoy a free lunch can also be concerts, may be easy to listen to something.

Tired also to小歇nearby cafe and enjoy a leisurely style of the Netherlands. Dome in the center of the square as the center of the city's most crowded places, not far from the world famous red light district.

"Red-light district" as the name implies is weathering Amsterdam Area, located in the old city from the West瓦摩to new markets and between the East India Museum area.

A small section of roadway is full of a variety of characterization of sexual culture, exposed to wear the "window girls" in their window to make a living within搔首弄姿, fun store with all kinds of commodities to cover up the display in the streets, these lanes in always filled with a bizarre moment of the atmosphere, come here to satisfy curiosity, but also careful attention to their own personal safety and property.

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