Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rania Temple million people admire the Buddha footprints

1:02 AM

Thousands of pilgrims dressed in white sand barefoot through the temple, dedicated to the unique lotus powder, lit a small lamp, and sprinkle water in the old linden tree on the base of the tree. Groups of women sat on the floor and on the wall, follow the hands of the bookletquietly. Ranked with other followers of the long-intensive to the central temple, statue, devout believers to great serene Buddha presented the offerings, the sacred snow-capped mountains behind the scenes with each other. As Sri Lanka's most sacred Buddhist shrines, is located in the outskirts of Colombo Rania opened Temple (Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara) gathered so many followers, especially the silence is still revealing. Spread the story of Buddha in 2500 as many as the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama) was born in a royal family in Nepal, feels the pain of the world died of the disease of aging and give up easy life and willing to practice hard for many years, traces the Quartet , Purdue sentient beings to seek the good way. Jingsiyu offerings by the cable, and finally a bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya under the insight and win the hearts of the people of the world to become Buddha

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