Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Caribbean island of St. Bart

1:17 AM

San Jorge Island is a typical tropical island, but the store where the sale of marine-style clothing in addition to traditional souvenirs, but also to sell international designer clothing. In addition, as a result of the French island of St. Bart territoriality, it can find a lot of famous works in Paris. When a small plane landing glider to 685-meter-long runway, my heart has been in this beautiful island on the. At the end of the runway in the Caribbean is beautiful, I see myself walking on the beach, playing beach volleyball curiosity of young people looked at me through them, vision is a warm, curious. Their faces and sweat in his orange sun reflected glory. Move forward is a waterfront restaurant and bar, remember that we have used here a delicious dinner, the delicious fish that I still no name. This is not a phantom, a repeated time and time again the dream of the sea, this is the first time down here only memory. At that time, from the beautiful face of raging, I still remember how he was timid, afraid to close to him, he can only feel in the distance of the magnificent and open, it is the cool sea and the gentle sea. At that time, I was kind of frustrating, so he missed the opportunity to experience now, I was indeed back on this beautiful island, my heart in the 685-meter run before the aircraft when the landing had been encouraged to go to the She too can not wait to see if she has walked the beaches, the smell of flowers everywhere, on and off at night to listen to the groaning sound of mosquito, which faces the smiling faces of lovely simplicity, and it sincerely from the heart of laughter This laughter in the night I woke up ... ... Yes, the cast of the Sound and the restless city, my heart needs a place to stay a moment to rest, one does not need to think and prepare to relax and laugh will be able to place, St. Bart is such a heart for my existence place. I do not want to open and yelled: I come!

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