Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calcutta: The rickshaw is going to come to an end

1:13 AM

Numerous translations of Calcutta, the memoirs of American soldiers, the most talked about them is that they were traveling with the ancient oriental flavor of the rickshaw, so it is said that can not be overemphasized. May 25, 2008, I accompanied the "China National Geographic" magazine, CHAN Chi-man's visit to India, the aircraft's cabin door a precedent is set, the heat will blow against our faces. I am even more than the heat of boiling is the rickshaws in Calcutta, the English called "rickshaw (rickshaw)."

is reported that the municipal authorities in Calcutta in 1997, announced that it would not issue a license rickshaw. There is no license for the illegal and often lead to the police confiscated and destroyed and extortion. Old driver of a day, and those on the same rickshaw. The 300-400 entered the century-old has 13 million population, the main streets of the metropolisKei Road (Chowronghee) on the back street, I feel like a movie on the old rickshaw can be seen everywhere in Shanghai, and the coachman looked desire to greet you.

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