Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Understanding of the Australian Outback more secrets

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Understanding of the Australian Outback more secrets - here rolling plains never, never say never-ending story. This town is known as the sun, but even in the hot desert, you will find lush vegetation and purple green lake. You will also see the hills and fiery red sunset, dinosaur footprints and Aboriginal Rock carvings, personalized unique character and rural pubs. Here, in the open space, each have a turn in a new adventure waiting for you. Mainland six must-see attractions Victoria Pang with Helena (Wilpena Pound) rock basin Flinders Range, South Australia Sightseeing plane ride with Canal overlooking Victoria Pang (Wilpena Pound) extraordinary magnificent rock basin, and then visit the famous Flinders Mountains lake. Then, go to the pub hospitality while sampling the local famous "jungle food", while sharing anecdotes with the local people. Newt Gingrich Lang Lang (Longreach), Queensland In Australia "jungle people" the spirit of his hometown to take part in a bonfire party, listen to the poetry of people inland. Lane Masters in ranchers (Stockman's Hall of Fame), you can learn about the history of inland areas, as well as the local people as a family. The world's first flight surgeon is the legendary home town of the Mainland, our national airline, Qantas (Qantas) was born here. In the town and around, there are many places worth visiting. Broken Hill Broken Hill (Broken Hill), New South Wales In is called the "silver town" along the former mining town, explore the unique scenery of the desert oasis and lakes. Broken Hill was once the world's largest silver, lead and zinc, it is now known for its painters, artists inspired by stimulating the local bright and vast scenery. Beautiful sunset in the desert living sculpture (Living Desert Sculptures) area, in the Menindee Lakes (Menindee Lakes) bird-watching in the world's largest virtual classroom lessons on a radio. 格兰海伦Canyon格兰海伦Canyon (Glen Helen Gorge), the Northern Territory Mcdonnell across the mountains, the wide valley to the格兰海伦, cool and fresh water tunnel, you will be very pleasantly surprised. One into the water, enjoy a back, and then搭好tent under the stars. You may even see the Black-footed rock wallabies. Visits have been 3.5 billion years of history and the mountain ridges of Western Australia Events Visits have been 3.5 billion years of history and the mountain ridge to see the rare pink diamond mining have a place. Rodeo can be performed in the local market jumped Bubulcus, fishing on a huge barramundi fish, or in the Mainland's accession to the crowd in the racetrack. Camps in remoteRestaurant, marvel at argyle lake (Lake Argyle) the vast magnificent. Whether you experience the manner in which this variety of land, you will certainly never forget. Ladegree mill degrees (Mildura), Victoria Murray River this vibrant oasis Mainland to endless sunshine, beautiful vineyards and picturesque as the old surface of the moon known as the landscape. In Mungo Lake (Lake Mungo) and the inclusion of the sand dunes of the magnificent World Heritage List of the Willandra Lakes region (Willandra Lakes) visits to aboriginal culture. In the award-winning restaurants, or take the houseboat or the old paddle-steamer cruise through wine. Hot-air balloon rides overlooking the rugged and beautiful scenery of the mainland of the sunset, or driving off-road four-wheel-drive vehicle to go and conquer this geomorphic

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