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Just minutes away from the Chicago Downtown area, United Center and the McCormick Place, Santorini has been a staple of Chicago’s Greek Town for the past 19 years. The restaurant takes more than just its name from the idyllic Greek Island in the Aegean Sea.

On Santorini with its turquoise blue seas and black sandy beaches, the people have been forever dependent upon locally grown produce, fish and seafood to satisfy their palates. These delicacies are adopted at Santorini Restaurant as well

The menu contains more than 20 seafood options flown in fresh daily. Hallmark entrees include Greek Style Whole Red Snapper and Whole Black Sea Bass, filleted by tableside at your request.

Kontos is proud of his restaurant's emphasis on seafood. "As we have some of the best seafood in town, we can rival any restaurant," he boasts.

And in the great Greek tradition, quantity goes hand in hand with quality. Attests Kontos, "People should get large servings of food. They can always split a dish or take it home, so long as they do not leave hungry."

To derive a sense of intimacy and airiness, the 160 seat restaurant relies upon a tasteful mix of structural elements. The split-level floor plan, large stone fireplace in the center off the room, white washed walls, distinctively authentic souvenirs strewn about the restaurant (wool throw blankets, kitchen utensils, copper pots, woven baskets, vintage picture frames) all provide a sense of authenticity.

Melodic Bouzouki music sets the tone for the true highlight at Santorini: the food. Despite all the notoriety, Santorini has remained relatively low-key, continuing to do what it does best: serve up memorable classic cuisine to those in search of sublime authenticity for under $30 per person.

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