Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sri Lanka: Buddha's teardrop miracle paradise

12:47 AM

As early as 7 centuries ago, Marco Polo described Sri Lanka was the king's wealth in precious stones as an "unparalleled gem." This description also applies to the country itself, because no one can resort to its comparable to the waterfront, filled with secrets of the ancient city of endless, rich natural heritage, as well as the unique fascinating culture. Sri Lanka's history can be traced back to 6th century BC, this island has a precious ancient city, temple and the temple in 2500 from the ancient history of Anuradhapura, Dambulla cave temples, Sigiriya rock palace, Polonnaruwa the towering statues of Buddha, to the Culture and Sport mention of the Parthenon, as well as the Caribbean's colonial castle. In addition to these cultural heritage but also found in small forest or grassland wilderness, growing hundreds of rare plants and fauna, there are flocks of elephants, monkeys, there are beautiful birds and butterflies. Mountainous areas in Sri Lanka, cool mountain climate and the tropical coastal climate to form a sharp contrast,covered with green plants here produce the world's best tea. Around in the city of Ratnapura, the underground rich in precious stones and semi-precious stones - sapphire, ruby, alexandrite and amethyst. These unparalleled beauty of the Indian Ocean from the waterfront, as well as commercial city of Colombo in Sri Lanka only a few hours away.

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