Friday, May 22, 2009

paris hotels

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Paris Hotel, Hotel Paris is a website listing over 450 hotels in Paris and apart hotels in Paris
2 star hotels to 4 star hotels in Paris.
View a map of Paris, click on a district and select a hotel to find out about services, prices and promotions.
Choosing your Paris Hotel could not be simpler!
100 : 2 star Hotels Paris
200 : 3 star Hotels Paris
60 : 4 star Hotels Paris and apart hotels
The average price of a 2 star Paris hotel is between 50 euro and 110 euro
The average price of a 3 star Paris hotel is between 90 euro and 300 euro
The average price of a 4 star Paris hotel is between 170 euro and 1500 euro
Prices change depending on the seasons. During the Paris exhibition season, higher rates are charged. Visit the website to find out the dates of the various exhibitions.
Prices are lowest in August, a relatively quiet month which is ideal for those looking for a relaxed visit to the capital.
All the hotels mentioned on this website offer virtual visits in several languages and provide information about their promotions. Enjoy your stay in Paris, and for more information about the city’s hotels please contact us On-line booking, direct links to each hotel’s official website. NO FEE - NO COMMISSION

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